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Hump Day Hunk - Jackson from High Heels & Bicycle Wheels

Posted by mandybaggot on July 30, 2014 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (4)

Happy Hump Day! Today Jane Linfoot is sharing her hero from romance High Heels & Bicycle Wheels, Jackson!



What makes Jackson Gale the perfect hero?

Where to begin...a view of his fabulous butt is what heroine, Bryony, unwittingly stumbles over, and the rest of him is just as hot. This guy’s a world champion pro cyclist, and TBH he needs his own HANDLE WITH CARE – MAY SPONTANEOUSLY IGNITE label. He’s strong, successful and arrogant enough to drive Bryony around the bend, with a lot of hidden scars. But for me he’s perfect hero material, because despite the sparks, he changes so much through the novel, and he changes Bryony too. And when it comes down to it, he really digs deep and steps up to the mark. I’ve got a lot of time for a guy like that.

What would Jackson plan for a perfect date?

Jackson’s perfect date used to be dinner then hot sex, and he didn’t mind if he missed out the dinner part. But with Bryony he’d prefer to get away from the old pattern and try something new. I think he may just whisk her away to a tropical island... 

What is Jackson Gale’s favourite TV show and music style?

Jackson’s favourite way of chilling out is to watch his collection of Disney movies. On his first evening with Bryony, they bond over Despicable Me. And he likes rock music, anything raw, and interesting, especially vintage Lou Reed.


Check out High Heels & Bicycle Wheels here!


Written Fireside Blog Hop!

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Introducing the Written Fireside August Blog Hop! Fifteen authors, fifteen stories - one shared starting paragraph! Read a taste of what's coming for Christmas!


Charlotte sat at the bus stop wondering whether she would make the naughty or nice list this year. Last year she had rescued a stray kitten and therefore considered herself most definitely ‘nice’. This year she had broken Daniel’s heart into a million tiny pieces, so ‘naughty’ seemed to be the only answer. There’d be no Santa Claus coming down her chimney anytime soon. - Georgia Beyers

Read a teaser of the story here on 6th and 7th August!






Baggot gets Branded!

Posted by mandybaggot on July 22, 2014 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Don't be disappointed! I'm not being poked by a red hot iron! I've been branded in a different way! Gone is the hot pink and in its place is a logo, colour scheme and swirly MB that truly reflects my writing!



I have the wonderful Ces Loftus to thank for these fab designs I totally adore! What do you think of the colour and the fonts? Have I got my tagline right?

Mandy xx

Hump Day Hunk...Nathan Regan from Security

Posted by mandybaggot on July 9, 2014 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Have you all been enjoying Jack Bauer's endeavours in London in 24: Live Another Day on Sky1? As it's on tonight and it's the penultimate episode, there is really only one person my Hump Day Hunk could be and that's...Nathan Regan from Security!



What makes Nathan the perfect hero?

He's tough and dependable. If you're in a rough spot he's the one person you want on your side. He's fit, ready to put his life on the line for Queen and country and once you've earned his trust you're a friend for life. But DO NOT cross him. You break his confidence, lie, hurt someone close to him and you've got one dangerous enemy.

Obviously he's as sexy as hell, but slightly lacking in conversational skills until he knows you're genuine and no threat. Feels deeply once you've got under the hard, prickly exterior.

What would Nathan plan for a perfect date?

Apart from tactical assaults, Nathan isn't really into planning. He could be called upon at any time to go and kill terrorists! In my novel, Security, the best moments Nathan and Autumn have are snatched minutes in the aftermath of an incident. Nathan is down-to-earth, his idea of hell would be a posh restaurant with more than one set of cutlery BUT he's also adaptable because of the nature of his job and he can fit in anywhere if he needs to.

I think he'd pick quad-biking or paintballing. Fast, furious, one on one combat in the woods...

To get to know Nathan Regan a little better you can download Security here.


Want the shirt off my back?

Posted by mandybaggot on July 8, 2014 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (7)

I would say Happy Tuesday but, to be honest, it's started out as a shocker!

Another one of my titles has appeared on pirate sites to download for free. Normally I shrug this off and set the wheels in motion to get it removed, BUT it's happening so often now this latest listing has just left me rage-ridden!


It takes us authors months to write a novel and when we put it on sale we hope that people buying the book will help us pay the bills. But the book market is ever-changing and at the moment it's becoming increasingly difficult to make a living. As a full-time author I know that I'm one of the lucky ones. I get to work from home creating characters and stories and do what I love every day BUT it is my ONLY income. I don't have another job...this is it.

So when someone steals my work, loads it up on the internet for people to download for free, they are basically digging into my purse and taking money from me and my family. It's theft, it's wrong, it should be stamped on harder.

Whenever I can I reduce the price of my books, do deals and special offers, even give downloads for free but that's on my terms, to find new readers, to increase my following. Don't get me wrong, Lady B loves a bargain, I download books on sale and for free all the time from Amazon but these are reduced and made free BY THE AUTHOR and that's a world of difference from downloading something on a pirate site.

PLEASE lovely readers, think of the authors before you visit these sites and download any of these books. Hopefully, if the books aren't being downloaded by readers from pirate sites, the demand won't be there for them to be stolen in the first place. We can only try!

I'm lucky to have so much support from book reviewers, readers and friends. As long as you stick with me I'll keep writing the hot heroes - but no pirates. They are definitely baddies in my book!


Mandy xx




This time next week...

Posted by mandybaggot on July 4, 2014 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Happy Friday everyone! This time next week I will be meeting my crazy friend Rachel Lyndhurst to travel up to Telford for the Romantic Novelists' Association Conference!

So to help those who haven't been before and to make those that have laugh I thought I'd give you my top five items to pack for the RNA Conference.

1. Wine and a drinking vessel win and cup

Mugs can be used for tea (bring that too!), wine, soft drinks and packet mash (see below). This particular half-drunk bottle is my home-made wine (Rachel calls it moonshine) and it usually never makes it back off the train!

2. iPad   ipad


You will need this for tweeting and Facebooking all the wonderful pictures and fun you will have. It also doubles as a Kindle and a camera. It’s all about saving space in that suitcase for the wine (see above).

3. Frock frock


We love a bit of dress up at the RNA. Think casual comfy for daywear and something a bit flash for the evening.

4. Comfy shoes  

I never go anywhere without a pair of Havaianas! You will be on your feet a lot over the conference weekend, so having a set of comfy shoes to give some relief to your sore soles is a must!

5. Packet mash and a fork mash

Bringing snacks definitely makes you popular in the accommodation blocks. But this I never share! Too much wine? Need instant comfort food? Pour mash into mug, add boiling water and enjoy!

I hope to catch up with lots of lovely writers over the weekend! Meet at the bar?

Mandy xx

Written Fireside - Missing You - Part 4

Posted by mandybaggot on June 24, 2014 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

It's time for another Written Fireside story and this one's entitled, Missing You.

You can read the first three parts following the links below:-

Part 1 - Lori Connelly

Part 2 - Lisa Fox

Part 3 - Angela Campbell

Now it's time to read my part, Part 4!


Missing You – Part Four




She’d never needed to see him more than this moment. She clung to him, pressing her body against his and drawing in that familiar scent of sandalwood, citrus, pine. Pine? That wasn’t a smell she usually associated with Sam.

She drew away and looked up at him. Before she had a chance to speak, or even think, the chocolate brown eyes were holding her captive, the kissable lips slightly parted, the frown turning into a look of concern for her.

She’d spent so many months hating him. But, looking at him now, she only remembered the good times…before Cindy.

As that thought made it through her mind she took a half step away from him.

‘You’re shaking,’ he remarked.

She pulled the sleeves of her jumper down to hide the goose bumps on her arms.

‘There was a guy…in the house.’


She barely managed to get the words out before Sam was on his cell phone summoning the police. As she described someone akin to Jason from Friday the 13th, Sam made coffee, opening cupboards and drawers, easily finding what he needed. Except milk. There was nothing in the fridge, not even food gone to waste. It was like someone had been in and sterilized every last inch. Removed every trace of her brother.

George barked as the police officers left the house.

Kaylie looked up at Sam, concern still tainting her features. What did she really want from him? Was he really the only person she could have called? Or did she call him for her own needs, not Max’s?

He moved towards her, holding out another steaming cup of coffee. She shook her head.

‘You have to keep it together, Kaylie. I get this is out of character for Max, but sometimes people need a bit of time, want to get completely off the grid,’ Sam told her. He lowered himself down onto the sofa next to her as she continued to shake her head.

‘I thought you’d understand. He’s in trouble, Sam, I just know it.’

Kaylie’s eyes caught on the small piece of red-painted wood on the coffee table in front of them. It had been there like a glowing beacon while the police had made notes on the intruder. Why hadn’t she told them about the abandoned mansion in the woods? It would have given them something to follow up, some credence to her fear that Max was in danger.

As if reading her thoughts, Sam picked up the sliver of wood, holding it between his fingers. She’d told him her theory while they waited for the cops to come.

‘You really think he’s at this place in the woods?’ Sam asked her.

‘I don’t know.’ She sucked in a breath. ‘But we need to find out.’



Hump Day Hunk! Guy Duval - Do You Remember?

Posted by mandybaggot on June 18, 2014 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

For the next few weeks I will be putting one of my romantic heroes under the spotlight. Today it's the turn of French footballer and leading man from my summer read, Do You Remember?. It's Guy Duval!



What makes Guy a perfect hero?

Well, what can I say? If the dark hair and almond shaped eyes aren't enough for you, how about an athletic body and an irresistible Gallic accent? In Do You Remember? we get to see Guy in two eras. Half of the book is set ten years in the past, when Guy is a gorgeous young man dreaming of football stardom. Despite having a very difficult life, he's full of hope, has dreams and plans. When we meet him again in present day he's achieved everything he set out to achieve, but he hasn't let his success go to his head. He's grounded, remembers where he came from. Irresistible!


What would Guy plan for a perfect date?

Guy likes the outdoors. Fields, rivers, the sea, grass, fresh air. In Do You Remember? Guy takes Emma for a picnics, swimming, al fresco meals. Although he has money and access to all sorts of treats, Guy would definitely plan something in the open air - cruise along the river, a day on a secluded beach - with French bread, cheese and Merlot of course.


He might be a footballer but there's definitely much more to this story than penalty shoot outs and tactics! Will Emma give him a red card or let him score? Find out more about Do You Remember? here



Back to work!

Posted by mandybaggot on June 9, 2014 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (2)

I'm back to work and I couldn't be happier! I had such an amazing week in Corfu at the wonderful Mareblue Beach Resort. Everything was just as it should be - the weather, the cocktails, the warm welcome. And it's only 15 weeks until we go back!

So today I'm sat at my desk still glowing from a great break but raring to get stuck into my writing.

If anyone missed my news on Facebook before I left, let me tell you, I now have a literary agent. I'm going to be working with the lovely Kate Nash of the Kate Nash Literary Agency. I'm really excited about this for two reasons. One, because Kate is fabulous and two, because I've never had an agent before and I love doing new things, even if they start out a little bit daunting and it's a bit like stepping into the unknown.  I'm ready for something different. It's approaching things from a route I've never gone down and that's both thrilling and terrifying. But Lady B is always up for a new challenge!

So, Happy New Week and I hope it's a great one for everyone!

Mandy xx









Exciting times...

Posted by mandybaggot on May 15, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (9)

This week I did something I've been itching to do since the end of April! I finished the read through and edit of The Corfu Book and pressed send, winging it through the internet.

This is a really interesting time for me because I have no idea what's next. Right now I'm out of contract, looking forward to my Corfu holiday, not knowing if someone will be publishing my book. BUT I feel really really CRAZY EXCITED for the future.

 I've been lucky enough to speak to some industry professionals just recently who have been so helpful in guiding my thoughts on the way forward. I also have some meetings lined up  very soon which I really hope are going to focus my direction even more.

At the very forefront of my plans though, are you, my lovely readers. I wouldn't still be writing if it wasn't for you sticking with me and buying my books. My main aim is to bring your more hot heroes and emotional reads in every format. Now if only I could get those men in 3D!

So I'm raising a glass to all my lovely readers and supportive author friends and saying 'Here's to exciting times ahead!' I'm more than ready! Cheers!

Mandy xx


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